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Welcome to Newman Elementary School!

Mrs. Howard 
Ms. Howard

Hello Parents,
April and May are the time of year when teachers are focused on getting students ready for state assessments. While there may be differences of opinions about these assessments, they are a great way to get valuable information about the performance of our students. I would like to remind you that while this is a part of our requirements for school it is not the only means that we use to measure success in learning. We want all of our students to demonstrate success on state assessments but our focus has to be on learning. Please remember as you work with your students to encourage them to engage in school and take every opportunity they are given for learning. I recently gave our campus teachers some information regarding quality assessments. Praise given to students should be specific and targeted. If you child receives good grades on their report cards, a response of good job or way to go might be the initial response you would give. Specific praise might be, "I like how you worked really hard on your fractions in math or you really focused well on those spelling words." In an article I shared with the teachers this week there were three essential goals that were given to lead learners toward being specific learning goals. 1)Feedback about anything given to students should be specific to what they are doing, right or wrong. 2)Use positive feedback to move students toward their learning goals. 3)Know the appropriate and correct time to give feedback to your student. Keep encouraging your child everyday by providing good feedback. While testing will always be a part of schools, our focus here at Newman Elementary will always be on learning.  (Adapted from the Master Teacher Vol 48 No.29)

Pauletta R Howard


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