Adams, Toni


Winter the DolphinHi!  My name is Toni Adams and I’m the teacher of the 1-D Diligent Dolphins.  I love teaching first grade.  I am in my 17th year of teaching first grade and it is a very important grade in the life of a student.  We learn so much! 

I attended MacArthur Intermediate School and Burges High School here in El Paso and then went to the University of Texas at El Paso.  I graduated from UTEP with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.  My teaching field is in reading which is a VERY important subject in first grade.

I use the word “Diligent” because I encourage my students to be diligent.  I want them to keep trying their best even when they are having a bit of a struggle.  I use the word “Dolphins” because of our mascot, Winter the Dolphin.  Winter is the now famous dolphin in the movie “Dolphin Tale.”  She lost her tail when she was very young and could have given up and not made it.  Instead, she was diligent in trying to learn and survive and she is doing wonderful now.  She didn’t give up.  I never want my students to give up either.

If you ever need to talk to me, my conference period is from 9:10 – 9:55 AM.