Enriquez, John



Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Hi! My name is John Enriquez. I teach second grade Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I have been teaching at Newman for 13 years. I am experienced in teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

My conference period is from 9:55 - 10:40.

Dear Future Second Grade Parents,

 I am looking forward to working with you and your child next year.  As you prepare for second grade this summer, I encourage parents/guardians to read together with your children. Jim Trelease, author of the bestselling book The Read Aloud Handbook states, the adage “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” proves true for children who spend a summer without books and reading. Without reading role models and someone to read to them, without printed material, and without new experiences, the reading skills grow rusty and waste away.” In order to keep your child from "growing rusty" you may want to consider summer reading programs that are available through the El Paso Public Library (http://www.elpasolibrary.org/) as well as the Summer Reading Academies at UTEP (http://utep.readingprograms.org/).

I highly encourage you to reading with your child, to your child, and provide time for reading aloud and silently.  Asking questions about the story to increase your child’s comprehension skills will benefit them in school as well.

 In math, students should know their addition and subtraction facts through 10 along with their doubles facts (8+8=16, 6+6=12, etc.) I would like to recommend playing math games, discussing practical math situations at the grocery store, handling money, as well as predicting the amount of time something will take and discussing time with your child. You may wish to consider a Continuing Education Math class at El Paso Community College to help keep those math skills up to date during the summer.

 Vmath and Ticket to Read have been purchased by Newman and are available throughout the summer for your child to use online.

Enjoy the summer!

I look forward to seeing you next year,

Mr. Enriquez

(& the 2nd Grade Team)