Arinduque, Vita

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Welcome to our KE class website!

My name is Vita Arinduque, and I am happy to be your child's Kindergarten teacher!!  

This is my 13th year teaching Kindergarten.  I have really enjoyed teaching this grade level because I am able to see so much progress throughout the year.  We will be very busy and I appreciate all the help that you, as parents, are able to give at home to your child.  

Please check your child's homework folder on a daily basis.  Any communication from the school or from me will be in the folder.  

If you have any questions for me, you may call the school or place a note in the folder.  I check the folders every morning, and I will return calls at the end of the school day.


Contact Information

Newman Office:  915-236-5825

Conference Time:  1:40 - 2:25 pm

If you would like to meet me before or after school, please call and I will make arrangements to be present at your requested time.